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The Yoga Badass Academy is the premier place to level up your
yoga practice - AND YOUR LIFE.

Whether it's committing to more yoga classes or stepping up and joining the challenges and special classes, any yoga practitioner will find a space to thrive here. Classes are accessible for all levels of ability - whether you're a beginner yogi or an advanced practitioner, Jenni will offer cues and suggestions for every student to meet their needs in real time. Jenni herself is accessible too -- she is the serious, challenging teacher when you want to level up, an encouraging coach when you lose your confidence, and a playful friend when something is just not going right and all you can do is laugh! She will meet you where you are and where you want to be. Jenni's broad and deep yoga experience will assure anyone who practices with her that they are in good hands. Classes and programs are affordable and Jenni is very generous with her time - she has consistently made herself available to students outside of class.

~Greg, student

Over the last 8 years I've had several illnesses (including cancer) and 4 abdominal surgeries. In my view I would not hesitate to recommend Ashtanga to anyone of any age or condition, who is in reasonable health.

​Thanks to Jenni's Ashtanga Yoga teaching, at 63 years old I'm in the best shape I've been in since my early 30's. Highly recommended.

~John, student


I started teaching yoga and working with others because I wanted to be
a part of a community of professionals 

who feel yoga is a practice of serious lifestyle transformation. As a busy mom and teacher of a rich yoga lineage it is of absolute importance to me that my students feel safe, that they feel welcome to practice - and have REAL discussions no matter what their struggles are. We get vulnerable together in order to create the ultimate in Yoga Breakthrough Badassery, even if we are talking about building a flourishing wellness business or learning how to teach yoga. 


In classes I do offer my students the use of props, different options and modifications for each pose, drills, or transition based on individual instruction, as well as a sincere desire to know each person for who they truly are. I hold my students up through humor, compassion, and with deepest gratitude for their presence.


Take private or group classes in Ashtanga, Power Vinyasa, Yin Yoga. Or, work with Jenni Sol to change your life and have serious Yoga Badass Breakthroughs in your teaching career or wellnesss business with classes, courses, and one-on-one training. 

Are you a new yoga teacher (or want to train like one) who needs the confidence to practice and teach yoga? I've developed a yoga teacher mentorship training program that will give you a solid foundation and confidence to be the best yoga teacher you can be.


Perhaps you are looking to build a business of your dreams - I will teach you how I created a powerful business that I'm proud of and give you the RIGHT tools to find success, just like I did.


I welcome you to join our incredible - and powerful -  community of dedicated practitioners who are finding true confidence each day they choose the yogic lifestyle. 

Join the Yoga Badass Academy  Transform Your

Body, Mind, & Lifestyle



Train to be a yoga teacher, or just practice like one - feel strong, powerful, confident, and amazing IN YOUR BODY AGAIN!


This is a course for busy professionals who can expect to work on drills and conditioning in order to achieve your yoga goals. Even if you're not an aspiring yoga teacher, you can expect to walk away with a clearer and more polished understanding of your own yoga Badassery.


This is the program to join if you want a totally fresh and inspirational way forward. Can be done in the comfort of your home or office for even more confidence!

8-week course begins soon!

Private Yoga Intensives

1:1 Yoga Training & Serious Accountability:

*Tailored-to-you sequences you'll love

*Practice schedule, yoga philosophy, & discussion

*Daily accountability check-ins

*Receive unlimited yoga membership to keep your practice going.

Change your life NOW. Want in? 


Live & On-Demand

*Live In-Person & Online Classes.

*Get access to recorded class for 48 hours if you cannot make it live.

*Full video library subscription: Badassery On DEMAND! (For members only.)


Join our Yoga Badass Breakthrough Community 

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