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Yoga is a journey of the body and mind

that works toward uncovering the truth of who we really are. Along the way there are bumps in the road, but there are also paths of least resistance - all parts of the journey help us peel back the layers we've grown so used to. Our only job is to show up with a ready and humble spirit so the practice can transform and reconnect us to our true selves. And, practitioners have fun along the way.


Your commitment can be likened to a canvas just waiting for the brush strokes to create a work of art: each time you practice, it is equivalent to one brush stroke. Over time something amazing happens. It may not have an expected outcome but you can be sure a beautiful holistic transformation will take place.

Jenni Sol

Senior Yoga Instructor, lead trainer, E-RYT 500 and NASM CPT.

Founder and Owner of Jenni Sol Yoga and The Yoga Badass Academy

Jenni began studying yoga over two decades ago, first exploring Hatha and Iyengar yoga, to complement her physical and endurance training.  As yoga became more pronounced in her life, Jenni soon realized it was much more than a way to stretch the body and stay fit.  When she found Ashtanga, she knew she was home.


Finally allowing her practice to reach the next level, Jenni completed her yoga training in the Ashtanga tradition and holds an E-RYT-500; Jenni is also is a Certified Personal Trainer under NASM. 


Allowing the yogic path to unfold in her life has truly been a gift: Jenni works from the heart to bring this gift to her students. She also offers yoga programs and classes to intermediate level students as well as 1:1 private yoga coaching intensives to help the individual student feel more confident and strong in their practice.


In addition, Jenni is a senior mentor for new yoga teachers (teachers who have recently completed their YTT 200) and works with them to develop their love for teaching into something that is deeply inspirational, building confidence and providing a high-level of support along the teaching journey. 

When not teaching yoga, Jenni spends time with partner Eric, daughter Lily, and dog Lola - on the lake, in the creek, in the forest, and Broadway shows among other awesome adventures.

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